It’s been a wild 299 days since I arrived in France. In that time I’ve made copious amounts of international friends, met a countless number of wonderful people and I have greatly expanded my knowledge of the world and that of other cultures. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. 

On April 1st, 2016 I began a twelve-day expedition in six different countries, with over 40 other exchange students, known as “Euro-Tour”. Throughout this trip, I met over 30 new friends from all over the world, some of which I have become quite close with. We traveled by bus through France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, visiting some of the most famous and interesting cities, towns and landmarks along the way.



Euro-Tour was one of the best and most memorable opportunities that I have ever experienced in my life. The memories and friends that I made on that 12-day trip will stick with me forever, wherever I go. I discovered on this trip many places that I could add to the list of “My Favorite Places Ever” including Prague, Geneva and Vienna…along with many more from past travels!


Three short days after my voyage with the other students, it was time for me to move to the house of my third and final host family. Then three days later it was back to school after the vacation for the last bit of semester two. I have been shocked to find how quickly all this has passed by, I can’t even believe how in 31 brief days I’ll be arriving in Toronto, starting a new life again just like at the start of the exchange. New house, new people, new school friends and hopefully a few new adventures along the way to graduation and prom!


Tomorrow will officially mean that I have exactly one month left in France of summer vacation, as I have finished school and already passed my DELF fluency exam! I have my French diploma, enabling me to return to France for my post-secondary education should I choose to apply to any university programs here! For the next month, I plan on spending some time visiting a few of my different friends in Nancy, Saint Dizier and possibly a quick trip to Belgium with a friend from Lille for a few days as a last goodbye adventure in Europe. I also plan on going on a few adventures in and around my region, Haute-Marne, hopefully seeing Paris once more and of course, celebrating the national holiday on the fourteenth of July in Dijon!













These are just a few photos from the last few weekends I’ve had with my Rotary district. District 1790 has provided me with more than a few friends who are so close, they’re pretty much my family. I couldn’t have asked or wished for any better friends than the ones that I’ve truly been blessed with in these photos. It was hard to say goodbye to each one of them over the past couple of weeks,  but we all know that we will stay in each other’s hearts and will always keep in touch. Thanks for the memories everyone… Je vous aime, vous allez me manquer beaucoup! En plus, pour mes amis qui sont comme ma famille, vous savez qui vous êtes…trés spéciaux, trés importantes, vraiment juste les meilleurs du monde. Bonne chance et beaucoup d’amour comme d’habitude….

#BeachClub1790Forever  ❤