As  I just finished unpacking my two insanely heavy suitcases and my carry-on, I felt that it was necessary to start this blog…its been a bit delayed but it is a crazy time for me right now!

Yesterday, at 5:30 pm I boarded a plane to Amsterdam after saying a very hard goodbye to some of the most important people to me. Lots of sobbing and hugging occurred before  I had to leave everyone behind as I stepped into security…for the first time ever.

I finally made it to the gate where I would be boarding a KLM ROYAL DUTCH flight to Amsterdam! First class was very nice to have flown in for my first flight. They served snacks, every drink you can imagine, dinner, dessert and even breakfast in the seven hours I was aboard!

Just before our descent into Schiphol Airport, the flight attendants gave me a small Dutch house to take with me on my travels to France! In Amsterdam I was able to meet up with a few exchange students travelling to my district in France and we all waited for our delayed flight together and met up shortly after our flight to meet up with our host families! As we walked away from baggage claim there was a lot going on… we found our Rotary chair and officer there who directed us to our families. Then there were lots of photos…LOTS.

It was a long ride home and then I spent a few hours unpacking and trying set up my room. After dinner I got the rest of the tour for the house (Its huge).

I guess tomorrow we will see what else is in store!

Bonne Nuit!